Timeline Of ROP Development

Helping Babies With ROP Caused By Medical Negligence

Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) is an eye condition that primarily effects premature babies born before 30 weeks of gestation. Children who weigh 3 pounds or less face an elevated risk of ROP. In many cases, children overcome ROP without any lasting effects. However, there are several thousand cases every year in the United States where ROP presents a significant risk to the child’s health. In these cases, if the treating physicians fail to act promptly, it could then result in permanent baby blindness.

Richard M. Shapiro helps the small section of the population dealing with unjust and preventable ROP blindness. He has helped many families find ways to compensate for medical bills and the emotional costs of losing a child’s eyesight due to medical malpractice.

ROP Blindness is Preventable

One of our main goals is to educate parents about the dangers of ROP. If caught early enough, doctors can provide treatment that essentially prevents blindness and other conditions from developing.

As the stages of ROP show, once the condition goes beyond Stage 3, your child is at a dangerous risk of becoming blind. As soon as you discover that your child is at risk of a premature birth, ask your doctor immediately about how you can prevent blindness from ROP.

How Many Follow-up Appointments Do I Need for ROP?

The amount of follow-up screenings is different for every situation. Depending on the stage and zone of your child’s ROP, he or she could need up to four sessions. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends follow-ups for the following stages and zones of ROP:

One week or less following birth for:

  • Stage 1 or 2, Zone 1
  • Stage 3, Zone 2
  • Immature vascularization (process of forming blood vessels) in Zone 1
  • Immature retina extends into posterior Zone 2
  • Potentially aggressive posterior ROP

One to two weeks later for:

  • Stage 2, Zone 2
  • Immature vascularization, posterior Zone 2
  • Unequivocally regressing ROP, Zone 1

Two weeks later for:

  • Stage 1, Zone 2
  • Immature vascularization: Zone 2, no ROP
  • Unequivocally regressing ROP, Zone 2

Two to three weeks later for:

  • Stage 1 or 2, Zone 3
  • Regressing ROP, Zone 3

ROP Education and Action Saves Sight for a Blind Baby

When you follow through on the most efficient procedures for ROP treatment, you can nearly eliminate the chances of your child being a blind baby. If your doctor, hospital or pediatric ophthalmologist did not follow the acceptable standards or procedures, schedule a free consultation with us and we will let you know about your options going forward.

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