Videos About Rentinopathy Of Prematurity Malpractice Cases

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ROP malpractice occurs when medical professionals, typically pediatric ophthalmologists or general and retinal ophthalmologists with substantial ROP knowledge, fail to recognize retinal detachment symptoms or fail to adequately screen, monitor and treat the disease. Retinopathy of prematurity medical malpractice can cause detached retinas in infants, resulting in a blind child or child with significant vision impairment. There is no excuse for ROP malpractice.

Our medical malpractice lawyers provide the following videos about retinopathy of prematurity malpractice cases. Seeking a financial recovery from the medical professional cannot make right the harm your child and family has gone through, but successful retinopathy of prematurity malpractice cases can help hold the parties accountable for preventable injuries caused by their negligence. Get one of the only birth injury attorneys in the nation to focus on handling retinopathy of prematurity malpractice cases on your side. Call today for a free claim review.