No Upfront Attorney Fees For Baby Blindness Cases

Our Lawyers Advance Your Costs

We believe everyone deserves strong legal representation when a hospital’s negligence or medical malpractice harms a child. Our birth injury lawyers only get paid when you win. In the unlikely event your case should be unsuccessful, you would owe Shapiro Law Group nothing. There is absolutely no out-of-pocket expense for you.

Our team focuses almost exclusively on blindness caused by retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). Most cases resolve favorably for our clients because of the strength and preparation of your case. ROP in infants is almost always preventable. We hold doctors accountable when they fail to meet the medical standards of reasonable care and when they ignore basic medical standards. With our help, your child and your family will have the necessary financial resources at the conclusion of the case without having to pay the lawyers any money out of your pocket. The fees and costs will be ultimately deducted from a final settlement or judgment.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Lawyer for an ROP Litigation Case?

Some ROP lawyers offer a fixed rate up front, or they might charge clients by the hour. These expenses can pile up quickly, and they often discourage people from exploring their legal options. Most families affected by ROP could not afford ROP litigation on their own. With contingency fees, we receive a portion of a verdict or settlement only if the case ends in your favor. However, if we are unsuccessful in earning compensation for you, then you owe no attorney fees at all.

Besides attorney fees, ROP cases require filing fees, expert witness fees and additional court costs. Our law firm has the resources to advance any and all costs of litigation for ROP cases, which you repay once the case concludes in your favor. If your family does not receive compensation from the case, you do not pay back the advanced costs.

Before we start working on your case, we sit down with you and explain our reasonable percentage to serve as our contingency fee. The state bar association’s ethical rules governs this percentage fee. Depending on the specific agreement for costs and fees, we subtract litigation costs from the settlement or judgment. The remaining compensation splits according to the contingency fee agreement.

No family should fear legal costs when fighting for their children’s rights. Because of this, we will not get paid until we protect the financial needs of the injured child.

Level the Playing Field with Experienced Birth Injury Attorneys

The multi-billion dollar healthcare industry might seem intimidating. Insurance companies go to great lengths to challenge and minimize your claim to protect negligent hospitals. Attorney Richard M. Shapiro and our baby blindness lawyers use their national experience to seek justice on your behalf. For more than 15 years, we have obtained significant settlements to help families deal with the costs associated with ROP blindness.

Experience matters in ROP litigation cases. When choosing an attorney to represent your injured child, choose a firm that has dedicated the majority of its practice to cases just like yours.

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