Our Mission Statement

Stop Baby Blindness From ROP

Blindness that results from retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) is almost always preventable. If every doctor followed the correct screening procedures when testing for ROP, this form of baby blindness would not exist. Therefore, our mission is twofold:

What You Need to Know About ROP

Most importantly, ROP only affects premature babies. While at-term babies are born with fully developed retinas, preemie retinas continue to develop after birth. Retinopathy of prematurity occurs when premature babies’ blood vessels grow incorrectly and become engorged with blood. These blood vessels leak fluid and stick to the retina, potentially causing a detached retina in an infant.

Talk to your doctors about any medical concerns you have, and remember: awareness saves vision. Most cases of ROP correct themselves over time, but the few that do not can lead to lifelong disability. If doctors properly screen the child for ROP complications, they can perform a number of timely treatments that can prevent newborn blindness or other vision difficulties from occurring.

Birth Injury Lawyers Help Families Recover

Our national advocacy on behalf of ROP blindness victims urges hospitals and medical providers to take early action. When doctors tell parents that nothing could prevent infant blindness from ROP, we know this simply is not true. Our law firm uncovers medical errors and protects the future of babies harmed by infant retina diseases.

We know that medical professionals—doctors, nurses, eye doctors (ophthalmologists)—receive training to recognize and respond to potential long-term effects related to ROP. Failing to act constitutes medical malpractice, and we hold perpetrators of medical malpractice accountable for their negligence.

Free Advice for Families Affected by Baby Blindness

Even if you have no interest in seeking legal action, we can direct you towards resources dedicated to helping families in your exact situation. Furthermore, there is no charge to meet with our birth injury lawyers and ask questions about your legal rights and options.

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